New Culinary Trends


Shiraz Events NYCs’ event manager and resident foodie, Michael Adasko, gives us some exciting new culinary trends, as well as his top three must-eat-at restaurants for the summer.

ICEcream (2)
 Favorite Food Trends

• Homemade Absinthe – Welcome to the Hipster laboratory!


• Food Trucks – Who wants to sit down at a stuffy lunch. NY is a walking city and this summer’s roving trend allows you to stay on your feet while divulging in gourmet treats from artisanal ice cream, Belgium waffles, pizza, taco’s and dumplings.


• Bánh mì – The Vietnamese sure know how to cure a hangover. The wildest combination of flavors packs every punch in one bite. Spicy, smoky, tangy and sweet. Check out this link, a website dedicated to Bánh mì!


Favorite Restaurants

• Fette Sau – Skip fancy steakhouses and treat yourself to the finest Brooklyn BBQ and domestic Bourbon!

• Corton – Join the foodie dialogue and weigh in on Paul Liebrandt new Tribeca haute empire. Sure its deconstructed, foamy and avant-garde, but now you’re officially in the know.

• The John Dory – Kitschy and rich! April Bloomfield’s newest is boldly original and stylish while carefully honoring its central ingredients.

What are your favorite culinary trends or restaurants?


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