A Guide to the Flowers of the Season


One of Shiraz Events’ event managers, Nicole Rudeen, shares a quick guide to the beautiful trends in flowers for this season.




With summer finally in full swing, floral décor embraces a resurgence of color. Beautiful, vibrant shades of sun kissed colors are gracing the summer’s hottest and most elegant soirées. Whether created via a mixture of various color flowers, or created by using a single color combination arrangement and placing against a complementary colored wall – the effect is strong and energizing.



Bright floral combinations using a single variation of a color exemplify a trend that has come straight from the runways. Single color combinations, a trend which emerged in the 90’s, is growing stronger and stronger. Sticking with one color allows for a simplicity that is soothing while still refreshing. Variation can be created by adding different types of flowers within the arrangement. A few of Shiraz’s favorites include roses and tulips in glowing yellows and oranges, peonies and hydrangea in fresh berry magentas and fuchsias, and hellebores and cymbidium orchids in candy apple greens.


green cymbidium orchid


orange tulip


Summer’s wardrobe is rich with vibrant color – why shouldn’t your floral arrangement be too?


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