Shai’s Top Trends Part 2!


Shai’s summer entertaining trends were so great that we had to split them up. Last week Shai suggested setting the mood with different music and great cocktails. But we can’t stop there, your ambiance and décor is pertinent to a well planned and enjoyed gathering.

“3. This is a time to show your true colors, especially over the weekend. People want to have fun and forget the stressful economic situation and/or any other drama. Bring in bold colors like fuchsia and orange as accents in table cloths or flowers to set a playful mood. This trend is very strong in current designs for fashion and home.


If you are a minimalist, a black and white color story with a green accent can be fresh and elegant.


4.  Add centerpieces to your table by trekking outside to your garden or the local greenhouse. Purchase a few herb plants and replant them in a beautiful vase or clay pot. Depending upon your style, use it solely as a centerpiece – or replant it in your garden after the event! H Groome in South Hampton is one of my favorite venues outside of the city for sourcing these décor items.”

yellow daiseys (2)

Don’t let these indoor table settings throw you off; they’re both doable indoors and outdoors! Both tables have bright and vibrant aspects to them, certain to WOW your guests!

Dransfield table

 Happy planting and styling!


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