October Weddings!


October weekends were intense but fulfilling for Shiraz Events NYC and clients, as wedding planning was in full swing, in venues including the Glass Houses, Battery Gardens Restaurant and a private house in the Hamptons. 

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shai-023 crop

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One Response to “October Weddings!”

  1. Shai Tertner Says:

    The wedding at Battery Gardens was fabulous, there was a lot of thought that went into the details, each table had four kinds of center pieces and variations of color accents from greens top pink. The Brides mother is an iterior designer, a friend, and someone I worked with when doing ABT Cul Pas events, so I made sure to be much more invested in the project from start to finish. I was happy with how it came out.
    The wedding in the Hamptons was for two men, one is an old friend of mine and my immigration attorney. The house and back yard were so stunning that not much had to be done as far as adding to the decor, and we went for a very Hamptony, classic look in the tent with cneter pieces of white spary roses and geraniums in silver, pedastle vases.

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