Top Tips for the Last-Minute Wedding


* By Shiraz Events for The Knot’s “Wedding with a View” on the Empire State Building- themed the last-minute bride.

1.  Trust the Caterer:

Don’t go crazy trying to reinvent the wheel. The perfect caterer will have a delectable seasonal menu which can be quickly altered to your preferences. The caterer always knows best! Shiraz always knows best!! 🙂 

2. Keep the Bar Simple, Yet Stimulating:

Try a Bellini Bar! It’s colorful and fresh, and quite easy to display. You can work with fruit purees like: a Strawberry Basil, Peach Elderflower, or Honeydew Rosemary. You can also try fresh fruit infusions with Strawberry, Peach or Mango. Want to add a little bubbly to the mix? Use Prosecco, it’s budget-friendly and hey, who doesn’t love some sparkling?

3.  Do Brunch or Lunch:

Having anything other than a dinner will save you time in planning as well as budget! It allows for a more unique flavorful menu, that your guests may not be used to, but trust us it will be unforgettable.  At Shiraz Events we’ve created a French Toast Station that you should definitely give a try. It’s great because it can be savory or sweet and allows for an interactive and adaptable display. You can please the health conscious guest with a great assortment of breads like Pumpernickel or Brioche, and the more traditional breakfast guest with different poultries or proteins like sausage and eggs. Check out more photos on our Facebook.

4.  Stations with a Purpose:   

Themed stations are a perfect way to make sure your guests have plenty to eat in a creative and intuitive way. Try themes like a Moroccan Cous Cous Bar or Smashed Potato Bar, which offer choice, portion control and personality to your menu.

– Moroccan Cous Cous Bar: Use Semolina Cous Cous and/or Pearled (Israeli) Cous Cous and display in individually portioned tasting bowls. Separately present options of Chicken Tagine, Tagine of Pumpkin and Spiced Carrot Relish.  Sauces for toppings can vary as well; try Aleppo Yogurt, House Made Harissa, and Smoked Tomato Chutney. 

– Smashed Potato Bar: Display several different potato based recipes like Creamy Mashed, Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, Cilantro Flecked Mashed, and Spiced Honey Ginger Smashed Yams. Serve them up in Martini glasses for some flair and accompany with a selection of toppings; Lime & Tequila spiked Sour Cream, Roasted Tomato Chutney, Cilantro Pesto and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms. 

5.  Give Traditional a Twist: 

Tradition says the new bride and groom should cut the first slice of cake together, and we don’t want to take the idea of a three-tiered fondant cake away from you, but what if your favorite cake designer can’t make your dream cake in time?

Take a trip with your fiancée to your favorite little bakery, and choose three of the most beautiful and flavor preferred cakes. This is another instance, where you can please everyone. Get the chocolate cake for yourself, vanilla for your hubby and strawberry for Mom, because we know she’ll have a say! The three cakes can be tiered on different levels and beautifully adorned with floral… and you can still cut your slice of cake together!

Check out a write up about our menu for The Knot on Amy Shey Jacobs’ blog!


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