Shiraz + Belve Party All Weekend!


414 W 14th Street was the home of the lounge/club for Belvedere’s Pink Grapefruit vodka launch. Shiraz produced their Pink Grapefruit launch from beginning to end by designing and telling a story relative to their chic/ elegant and young/ fashion forward personality at a venue in the meatpacking district.

In choosing the raw space we were able to build out fully including building walls, covering brick walls and ceilings. After building the space we brought to life the personality of Belvedere and Pink Grapefruit with details like the grapefruit water wall, and pink mirrored bars, down to the drinks and the exclusive cocktail menu.


Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

The space is split in half: the VIP side which is very chic and loungy with white furniture incorporating a color story of white, oatmeal, accents of black and Matthew Williamsons print design for Belve —focal points being the blown up shots of Williamson and his muse (wearing the design as well). The other side screams the excitement, party-vibe of Belve: disco balls, lite-brites, step-and -repeat and dj’s spinning.

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

As per the outside of the building, the signage invites attendees in with window Belve branded decals, as well as the outdoor over/under-hang lighting which also pin spots the Matthew Williamson store across the street.

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