Scientific Food Trends for the Summer!


Shiraz Events’ worldly inspired palate is one for ever-changing food trend ideas. When asked about ideas for a “Trends in Canapes” inspired story for Southern Hospitality, Shai and Yaniv suggested the following ideas which Shiraz Events  catering spices up for clients.

1. Gourmet Fusion Empanadas: The Latin community in Miami is so strong, so we’ve taken a basic concept of the empanada and created gourmet fusion empanadas. For example, filling them with fois gras and date compote. 

2. Lollipops: Local guests love their lollipop so we aim to please and serve salmon and goat cheese lollipops; as well as frozen red grape with pistachio and blue cheese. 

3. Cold Soup Bar: Watermelon gazpacho, chilled apple-ginger-carrot, chilled sweet pea and mint in demi cups- no cream, sounding mouth watering yet? Guests at the MOCA Gala found it irresistible. 

4. Molecular Gastronomy: We created caviar looking drops of flavor using molecular gastronomy. Lately, we’ve been serving a small bite size dessert with chocolate cups filled with grape mousse and pomegranate “caviar”. 

5. Food for Thought: We like keeping things fresh and lean, so grilled hors d’oeuvres are very popular. For example: grilled lime rubbed shrimp or aged beef bites.

Make sure to keep checking in for more food trend ideas! We always share on our Facebook too!


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