Beach Picnic: Done Right!


Summer is almost over, so time to pull out the wicker baskets one more time and head to the beach.  But before you start laying out the blanket and firing up the grill here are a few tips to update your everyday beach picnic.

Picnics always seem like a great idea, until you start eating.  Where do I put my plate or drink?  Put the enjoyment back into your picnic experience by using a modern breakfast tray.  The tray offers a great surface space to eat while down at the beach. Check it out on CB2.

While you probably already bring a cooler of ice for your perishable items, an umbrella can also be helpful by keeping these items out of direct sunlight.  Try one with a netted curtain, which will transition into the night, protecting those picnicking from bugs. Here’s a great option @Ikea.

Lastly, if you are planning on having your picnic later at night or just not sure how long you will be at the beach, be sure to bring some lighting.  A great alternative to the typical tiki torch is a solar powered light.  Not only do they add a modern touch, but also conveniently charge all day and turn on right as the sun comes down.

We hope these tips add some functional flare to your next beach picnic and end your summer just right!


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2 Responses to “Beach Picnic: Done Right!”

  1. Angela Says:

    Love it and going shopping for these items asap, especially the mosquito net 😉

  2. Rosemary Says:

    The tray is an excellent idea! And so stylish too – why didn’t I think of that??!! Getting one now!

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