Ad Creative Q&A with Shai Tertner


In lieu of our new ad in BizBash, we did a quick 5 in 5 with Shai to address a few questions about the creative approach taken when the ad was designed. Only the best for our curious fans!

1. Shiraz: What was the artistic vision behind this ad?

ST: I’ve been decorating my new apartment and have been considering creating an eclectic combination of framed art and family images on a wall in my apartment. I thought it would be a great way to showcase the Shiraz Events images and be a little playful.


2. Shiraz: How does this ad speak the voice/personality of your brand?

ST: The Shiraz Events aesthetic is very clean and finished, however, since we work with many different brands and design environments for the brands, we have to be very versatile in our approach. For whomever knows the brand, it is clear that there is an evolution into a comfort zone where there is more use of color and texture, and I think that this ad manifests this clearly: we are multi faceted, our creative ability has a wide range.


3. Shiraz: Why did you choose these photos specifically?

ST: I think they showcase some of our best work in each category, they are well shot and I can even call them artistic.


4. Shiraz: You’ve used 2 photos of your staff, what are you trying to convey?

ST:  Do you need to borrow the reading glasses I don’t have?… 🙂


5. Shiraz: Explain how you differ from Creative Edge, and their ad on the back cover.  

ST: I’m not too sure how we compare with them since we are two different breeds leading two different companies in a similar range of services. We both do great work but we position ourselves in different ways.


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