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Into a Photographers Mind

July 24, 2009

Ever wonder what makes a photographer tick? Shiraz Events was curious, and thought it would be enlightening to sit down with a very talented and sought out photographer, Erik Ekroth. Shooting weddings primarily, Erik’s timeless and elegant photos are unforgettable. Read Shiraz and Erik’s quick chat on his breaking into photography, his passions aside from photography and more.


Shiraz Events: What’s your passion outside of photography?

Erik Ekroth: I love surfing, snowboarding, and just getting out of town when I have the chance!  In a few months, it’ll be hanging out with my son!


SE: What brought you to NYC? Would you ever leave/ relocate to a different market? Where would you go?

EE: I moved to NYC for a change and a challenge.  It’s been nothing but a fantastic experience.  If I moved, it’d most likely be back to the west coast (not sure which city), but that wouldn’t be for several years since my wife’s having a baby in December! 


SE: How did you break into the industry? 

EE: I was a freelance newspaper photojournalist in San Diego when my mother remarried, and I photographed her wedding in La Jolla.  One of her friends hired me after seeing the images, and things just took off after that. 


SE: What are your favorite types of events to shoot? 

EE: I love to shoot intimate and elegant weddings, where there is great attention to detail (whether it be a city wedding or one on a farm) and warm, easy going people. 


SE: What is your preferred camera to shoot with?  

EE: I love the look of medium format cameras, and I use a mixture of film and digital.  Portrait lenses are also a must have! 


SE: What are some new breathtaking venues you’ve shot at? 

 EE: I absolutely love Blue Hill at Stone Barns– so elegant and yet so much a part of the environment (it’s on a working organic farm).


 SE: Through the eyes of the photographer, what makes a perfectly entertained event?  

EE: Great details, good lighting, a schedule that allows ample time for the day’s events (including photos, of course) and a great group of people. 


SE: What’s your favorite activity to do in NYC? 

EE: A few things I love to do in NYC are going out to dinner at new places, visiting the amazing art galleries and spending time wandering around different neighborhoods checking out the local scenes. 


SE: What is your secret to the art of entertainment? 

EE: I’d say my secret to the art of entertainment is fresh seasonal drinks and a great grill – I grew up in Texas, so it’s all about the grill and what you put on it! 

Check out what Erik’s up to this month on his blog!


Erik Ekroth specializes in editorial style wedding photography, blending together documentary photography, artistic portraits, and exquisite still life images. Erik is based in New York City, and is available for travel worldwide.”