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Recycled Material Projects for the Summer

June 21, 2010

This past week we worked with to display and cater their press preview at The Gallery in the Metropolitan Pavilion.  One of their features were these awesome robots and cars made out of recycled materials, really great interactive projects for the kids over the summer! See more photos from the event>>

Have the kids start gathering some cool bottles and boxes and before you know it, with some masking tape and glue you’ll have a new edition to playtime.

Photo Credit: Eric M. Townsend

Photo Credit: Eric M. Townsend


Simply Green, Healthy Frozen Treats

March 25, 2010

Just in time for the warmer weather, we wanted to find a quick and easy pick-me-up treat. We found plenty in Danny Seo’s book, “Simply Green Parties ” which has a fabulous compilation of  great  creative, do-it-yourself  ideas for any gathering, and it’s all Green! Check out this healthy recipe that we liked for the kids in your life , try it in light colors for the Spring! 

 “Instead of giving your kids a frozen treat full of sugar and artificial colors and flavors, make your own healthy snacks.

 Start with an ice-pop mold set (available at any cooking-supply store) and wooden sticks. Fill the molds with vitamin-fortified flavored waters or electrolyte-filled sports drinks [like any flavor of Vitamin Water drinks]. If you want to add natural energy to the pops, add a drop of vitamin B12 too. Insert sticks and freeze overnight! Easy and healthy!” – Page 82

Want to see/try more?! Check out this slideshow of other pages in the book, or buy it on!