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OUT 100 Awards 2010

November 23, 2010

On November 18th, 2010 Shiraz Events presented the OUT100 Awards 2010 hosted at the famed IAC building designed by Frank Gehry.

The images for the current issue of OUT were inspired and styled based on three themes:  Black & White Ball, Stonewall, and Studio 54.  These images became the guideline when we started to conceptualize the look and flow of the event.

Buick came on board as the presenting sponsor, joining the additional brand sponsors; Santa Fe, AT&T, Belvedere and Marc Jacobs: Bang.

Other than the Buick Vanguard award presentation – this was not your typical awards ceremony.  Due to the change in the format, we decided to divide the event into the three themes and design the animation for the video wall centered on these themes.

The Black & White Ball

As guests entered the east lobby, they were met with an army of handsome models, dressed in black and white with black bow ties serving Belvedere cocktails against a Buick car and 12’ by 16’ back drop.

The backdrop was designed using white modern looking trellis, with a black matte background.  The trellis was a strong repeating design motif for the first hour. The carpet we used under the car was actually a foam surface, resembling a road defined with a chrome border.

Marc Jacobs: Bang was represented with a clean minimal lounge where guests mingled with their cocktails.

In the Atrium outdoors, Santa Fe sponsored a lounge featuring black and white upholstered furniture, Fichus trees, and multiple glowing spheres.

Turning the corner, the 50’ of press backdrop was featured using the trellis motif with diamonds carrying the sponsors’ logos. The red carpet used, again, was actually a black foam surface, resembling a road that had a Buick stationed at the end of the road.

As guests turned the corner to the west lobby, a 120’ of video wall appeared. It was the 3rd largest video wall installation in the world and was the focal point of the event’s set and show.  Here is a recap video of the different scenes detailed below.

For the Black & White Ball, the diamonds turned every 20 seconds and at mid-hour, a Buick commercial played.  After the commercial, the wall turned into a leather color tufted wall, much like a traditional men’s club, and in frames, the wall revealed the first theme images of the OUT100.


Before the transition to Stonewall, the tufted wall exploded to reveal a brick building with fire escapes, neon signs and windows opening and closing with Stonewall-themed OUT100 images. At this point our service staff stripped down from formal attire to white t-shirts, moustaches and aviators sunglass, becoming the west villagers of 1969.

Studio 54

After the presentation Buick Vanguard Award Presentation, the wall transformed with snaking colored lights inspired by Saturday Night Fever and Studio 54. The wait staff changed into fuchsia glittered t-shirts and silver glittered hats and head-bands.

As the night evolves and DJ Lina’s beats got more intense, the wall changed again to wall of glitter, featuring Studio 54 inspired OUT100 images.

For the finale, the wall of glitter started pulsating like sonar waves with the Buick emblem as the focal point with OUT100 images flipping fast until the screen stopped with a final OUT100 logo.

Other Design Elements

  • Augmented reality by the Buick cars around the room.  There were images formatted to react to Google Goggles for the Apple iPhone and Google Android phones, which, when pointed at the images provided product information.

Carrera Sunglass Escape: Swim Week 2010

July 23, 2010

Swim Week in Miami could not be complete without a Carrera Sunglass Escape Soiree hosted by Solstice Sunglasses Boutique. With sponsors like Belvedere, Bustelo Coffees and Veuve Clicquot, BMF Media reached out to Shiraz Events to bring the event full circle with a selection of Summer mini-bites.

With choices like Pecan Crusted Scallions and Tuna Burgers on toasted Brioche, the star studded crowd had a blast trying on tons of Carrera Sunglass styles!

Shiraz staff ‘passed’ Carrera sunglasses to guests for a ‘taste’!

Mya had to try them on too!

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Shiraz + Belve Party All Weekend!

May 17, 2010

414 W 14th Street was the home of the lounge/club for Belvedere’s Pink Grapefruit vodka launch. Shiraz produced their Pink Grapefruit launch from beginning to end by designing and telling a story relative to their chic/ elegant and young/ fashion forward personality at a venue in the meatpacking district.

In choosing the raw space we were able to build out fully including building walls, covering brick walls and ceilings. After building the space we brought to life the personality of Belvedere and Pink Grapefruit with details like the grapefruit water wall, and pink mirrored bars, down to the drinks and the exclusive cocktail menu.


Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

The space is split in half: the VIP side which is very chic and loungy with white furniture incorporating a color story of white, oatmeal, accents of black and Matthew Williamsons print design for Belve —focal points being the blown up shots of Williamson and his muse (wearing the design as well). The other side screams the excitement, party-vibe of Belve: disco balls, lite-brites, step-and -repeat and dj’s spinning.

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

As per the outside of the building, the signage invites attendees in with window Belve branded decals, as well as the outdoor over/under-hang lighting which also pin spots the Matthew Williamson store across the street.

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Belvedere Maceration Celebration

May 20, 2009

Belvedere launched their new Black Raspberry vodka with fabulous cocktail parties on April 29th with V-Magazine, and again on April 30th with OUT Magazine. It was, indeed, a Maceration Celebration!

The beautiful people came out to a special pop-up space in Soho each night to enjoy the complimentary Belvedere vodka and to rub elbows with Estelle and Jonathan Kelsey on Wednesday night, and Patrick Duffy on Thursday night.

Aside from the delicious specialty cocktails, there were also video tutorials and mixologists on hand to teach the attendees about maceration.

Jonathan Kelsey and Estelle help launch the new Belvedere Black Raspberry

Jonathan Kelsey and Estelle help launch the new Belvedere Black Raspberry