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Microsoft Windows 7 Launch: Design Concept from Brazil!

November 17, 2009

Shiraz Events had a blast celebrating the highly anticipated Windows7 launch with our friends over at Microsoft. In addition to passing our new Fall hors d’oeuvres, Shiraz created interactive stations for guests including a multi tiered brochette station, individually packaged pita’s with swordfish and grilled vegetables and a rice bar with fun toppings for guests to choose from. 

 Microsoft Windows 7 Launch in BizBash! 


Shai is always incorporating his travel and cultured experiences into Shiraz event design concepts.  See above, the fruit display behind our bartenders: this concept came from a trip Shai took to Rio, Brazil! He couldn’t get enough of the fresh fruit shakes he would get from local vendors, which display the fresh fruit for people to choose from for their shakes.

From this, Shai created an artisitic way of displaying the fruit in the cubby above The Juice Bar, which offered fruit juice drinks as well as Prosecco if guests wanted Bellinis.


 Skewered shrimp tastes amazing at room temperature with a light sprits of citrus.

A choice of sauces elevates it from great to genius: guests chose from Tahini, Tomatillo, Barbeque, Tamarind, and Honey Mustard Sauces. Delicious!


 Our lovely staff 🙂

Stay tuned for more design insiders from Shai and Shiraz Events!