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DIFFA Dining by Design in Manhattan

September 2, 2010

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) hosted its annual Dining by Design benefit gala at Pier 94 on March 22nd. The design showcase ran for five days of ticketed and public events and showcased 32 dining spaces created by artists, architects, and fashion, interior, and event designers.

Shiraz Events and Sara Costello, along with Atomic Design, created the Cindy Crawford Style display for JCPenney. Read More>>

Check out the recent feature in the recent issue of  Manhattan Fashion & Home Special. See the spread below. 



Click here for the digital version>>

Shiraz Events Introduces New Staffing & Promotions Division

August 31, 2010

Shiraz Events is pleased to announce that Ben Draper has been promoted to oversee the new Staffing and Promotions Division at Shiraz Events NYC. With Fashion Week around the corner and a line-up of 10 events for Fashion’s Night Out, Draper has stepped in and proved that Shiraz Events can book only the best, most flawless staff, for any event need.  Read more>>

Ad Creative Q&A with Shai Tertner

August 24, 2010

In lieu of our new ad in BizBash, we did a quick 5 in 5 with Shai to address a few questions about the creative approach taken when the ad was designed. Only the best for our curious fans!

1. Shiraz: What was the artistic vision behind this ad?

ST: I’ve been decorating my new apartment and have been considering creating an eclectic combination of framed art and family images on a wall in my apartment. I thought it would be a great way to showcase the Shiraz Events images and be a little playful.


2. Shiraz: How does this ad speak the voice/personality of your brand?

ST: The Shiraz Events aesthetic is very clean and finished, however, since we work with many different brands and design environments for the brands, we have to be very versatile in our approach. For whomever knows the brand, it is clear that there is an evolution into a comfort zone where there is more use of color and texture, and I think that this ad manifests this clearly: we are multi faceted, our creative ability has a wide range.


3. Shiraz: Why did you choose these photos specifically?

ST: I think they showcase some of our best work in each category, they are well shot and I can even call them artistic.


4. Shiraz: You’ve used 2 photos of your staff, what are you trying to convey?

ST:  Do you need to borrow the reading glasses I don’t have?… 🙂


5. Shiraz: Explain how you differ from Creative Edge, and their ad on the back cover.  

ST: I’m not too sure how we compare with them since we are two different breeds leading two different companies in a similar range of services. We both do great work but we position ourselves in different ways.


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Holiday Decor: Tackling a Conference Room

August 17, 2010

As crazy as it sounds, the holidays are RIGHT around the corner! While you’re worried about how to design your  home and how to impress family and friends, cutting edge businesses are worried about how they’ll impress you at your holiday lunch!

BizBash approached Shai with this question: What’s a fresh way to transform a conference room into a holiday celebration?

Check out his answer and design suggestions below.

 “What does every conference room have in common? A conference table. The table should be the central focus of the room, simple enough where meetings can still be held, yet chic enough to really bring the holidays to life. The best way to do this is by designing and decorating runners. Depending on the mood of the office, try one of the following!

Snow White

Think:  shimmer, elegance and peacefulness of a recent snowfall 

Sexy Red

Think: sexy dark red hues of the holidays brass, gold and red 

Neutral Green

Think: Snow White, and Sexy Red, but more of a whimsical experience.


Does the office have glass walls or windows? Compliment them with ornament or text decals.

Vendor Preference

– Décor concept, production: Shiraz Events

– Fabrics: Ruth Fischl

– Decals: Sign-a-Rama 

Stay tuned for Holiday Catering and Entertainment ideas from Shai!


Let’s just say, Shai’s ideas were so fab they were “steal” worthy!

Check out the “Steal This Idea” featured in the Chicago BizBash.

Erin Fetherston Inspired Dessert

July 21, 2010

The Inspiration behind the Inspired

Erin Fetherston‘s Fall 2010 line opens doors to many different themes for intimate events, especially a wedding.  The soft, dreamy  colors of her collection can inspire a ‘whimsical garden wedding with vintage touches’. 

Amongst other inspired pieces, the gown, the invite, the centerpiece and nail polish, Shiraz Events created a dessert, sure to please your guests.


Smoothly layered fresh blackberry mousse and softly whipped cream in a fluted, classic glass. Top it with a delicate garnish like shimmering spun sugar and gold leaf. Photographs and tastes as light and airy as it looks!

Check it out in your local Brides magazine!

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“Serving Up Summer” for Badgley & Mischka

July 15, 2010

The sky is clearing up for the weekend, and what better way to enjoy it than to mix up a cool refreshing summer twist for your guests. Check out the British Cool (recipe below via Modern Luxury’s Restaurant Issue), created for a Badgley Mischka, Modern Luxury, and Shiraz Events  summer cocktail party at the Badgley Mischka showroom.

The British Cool and the Ceviche Raw Bar were the antidotes for the guests with Summer fever!

Check out more photos from the cocktail party>>

 Photo Credit: Carlos Andrés Varela

Scientific Food Trends for the Summer!

June 7, 2010

Shiraz Events’ worldly inspired palate is one for ever-changing food trend ideas. When asked about ideas for a “Trends in Canapes” inspired story for Southern Hospitality, Shai and Yaniv suggested the following ideas which Shiraz Events  catering spices up for clients.

1. Gourmet Fusion Empanadas: The Latin community in Miami is so strong, so we’ve taken a basic concept of the empanada and created gourmet fusion empanadas. For example, filling them with fois gras and date compote. 

2. Lollipops: Local guests love their lollipop so we aim to please and serve salmon and goat cheese lollipops; as well as frozen red grape with pistachio and blue cheese. 

3. Cold Soup Bar: Watermelon gazpacho, chilled apple-ginger-carrot, chilled sweet pea and mint in demi cups- no cream, sounding mouth watering yet? Guests at the MOCA Gala found it irresistible. 

4. Molecular Gastronomy: We created caviar looking drops of flavor using molecular gastronomy. Lately, we’ve been serving a small bite size dessert with chocolate cups filled with grape mousse and pomegranate “caviar”. 

5. Food for Thought: We like keeping things fresh and lean, so grilled hors d’oeuvres are very popular. For example: grilled lime rubbed shrimp or aged beef bites.

Make sure to keep checking in for more food trend ideas! We always share on our Facebook too!

Shai Tertner and Super Bowl 2014!

June 3, 2010

BizBash asked Shai: With the recent announcement of Super Bowl 2014 being playing in the NYC/NJ area, how will planners capture the years of warm weather bliss in Miami, here in NYC’s cold winter months?

Being involved with many Super Bowl events in Miami and experiencing day time and night time activities throughout those times, I can tell that the challenge for planners in New York will be to capture the light state of mind that a warm environment and latin influence  lends to the crowds. I think it is time to spice things up in New York and bring back the playfulness that we are lacking since the collapse of the twin towers. Some ways of doing so: themes, costumes, smart but fun stimulation, expect the unexpected. READ MORE>>

St John, + Candace Bushnell

May 27, 2010

Catered and staffed a cocktail party last night with a Q & A + book signing, the 2nd we’ve done of a series of events with St John’s and the Daily Beast! Guests included Tina Brown who interviewed the fab Candace Bushnell (book signing of her newest “The Carrie Diaries”), Page Six’s Richard Johnson and president of St. John, Glenn McMahon. Read more:

Shiraz + Belve Party All Weekend!

May 17, 2010

414 W 14th Street was the home of the lounge/club for Belvedere’s Pink Grapefruit vodka launch. Shiraz produced their Pink Grapefruit launch from beginning to end by designing and telling a story relative to their chic/ elegant and young/ fashion forward personality at a venue in the meatpacking district.

In choosing the raw space we were able to build out fully including building walls, covering brick walls and ceilings. After building the space we brought to life the personality of Belvedere and Pink Grapefruit with details like the grapefruit water wall, and pink mirrored bars, down to the drinks and the exclusive cocktail menu.


Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

The space is split in half: the VIP side which is very chic and loungy with white furniture incorporating a color story of white, oatmeal, accents of black and Matthew Williamsons print design for Belve —focal points being the blown up shots of Williamson and his muse (wearing the design as well). The other side screams the excitement, party-vibe of Belve: disco balls, lite-brites, step-and -repeat and dj’s spinning.

Photo credit: Allan Zepeda

As per the outside of the building, the signage invites attendees in with window Belve branded decals, as well as the outdoor over/under-hang lighting which also pin spots the Matthew Williamson store across the street.

Click here to read BizBash coverage: